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Gabrielle Rap von ReneÚ in der Vibe Show (352 kb)
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Song of Gabrielle - Well, listen to my story of Gabrielle. Cute little gal that's looking really swell. Perfect hair, such a lovely lass. Nice round breasts and a firm young... Xena: Are you out of your mind?

01. Gabrielle: "My name is Gabrielle."
02. Gabrielle: "Did you just let me hit you ?"
03. Gabrielle: "Oh Xena."
04. Gabrielle: "Ah, be afraid."
05. Gabrielle: "Good bye Callisto."
06. Gabrielle: "I┤m sorry Xena. I couldn┤t let you do this."
07. Gabrielle: "We have to talk."
08. Gabrielle: "You cut my hairs ? My little golden fleece ?"

09. Gabrielle: "Well, that┤s fine. Except one thing."  Xena: "What┤s that ?" Gabrielle: "You┤re not sacrificing my hair for a fish !"

10. Gabrielle: "I am the ultimate fantasy."
11.Gabrielle: "Ohhh, where is my brush ?"

12. Xena: "Come on Gabrielle, get your gear of." Gabrielle: "You like that, wouldn┤t you ?"

13. Gabrielle versucht zu jodeln
14. Gabrielle: "We are staying in fighting for the greater Good !"
15. Gabrielle: "I had a bad feeling about this."
16. Gabrielle: "Thank the gods."
17. Gabrielle: "Act don┤t react."

18. Gabrielle: "Autolycus !" Autolycus: "Hmm ?" Gabrielle: "Get your hand off my butt !"

19. Gabrielle: "This is a great story !"
20. Gabrielle: "This are happy news."
21. Gabrielle: "I hate it when you do that."
22. Gabrielle: "I know  what the plan is. You┤re join to drive me insane !"
23. Gabrielle: "I┤m an amazon princess !"

24. Joxer: "Wait a minute. What if I┤m dreaming ?" Gabrielle: "Can you feel this ?" Joxer: "Auuuuu ! Yes !"Gabrielle: "You are not dreaming."

25. Gabrielle: "Does an amazon queen beat a Warrior Princess ?" Xena: "Do you really wanna find out ?"

26. Gabrielle: "I┤ll rise but I refuse to shine."
27. Gabrielle: "Rise and shine, yeah yeah."
28. Gabrielle: "This fiction stuff can really fun !"
29. Gabrielle: "Would┤t you try it again ?"
30. Gabrielle: "Yes my lord."
31. Gabrielle: "Can you help me ?"
32. Gabrielle: "So he's the one who made you so, you know, aggressive"?
33. Gabrielle: What we have here is a failure to communicate!"
34. Gabrielle: "Now how did I do that?"
35. Gabrielle: "Xena look! How cute!"
36. Gabrielle: "I missed something."
37. Gabrielle: "Wing? Thigh? Breast? Who wants what? Xena: He likes drumsticks."
38. Gabrielle: "Excuse me?"
39. Gabrielle: "What's going on Xena?"
40. Gabrielle: "You son of a -- (whinny)!"
41. Gabrielle: "You used my scrolls!?!"
42. Gabrielle: "Have faith, Gabrielle, have faith."
43. Gabrielle: "So you're saying that today is actually yesterday for you. But for us today is today because we can't remember that yesterday was today, right?"
44. Gabrielle: "She's come for me. I knew she would. She can't live without me for a minute. Not that I blame her."
45. Gabrielle: "I have something really important to speak to you about. Do these boots work with this skirt?"
46. Gabrielle: "I'll just use my superior intelligence and overall good judgement in all situations to handle this."
47. Gabrielle: "You mighty man monkey. She monkey need you."
48. Gabrielle: "Oh my, where's my brush."
    49. Gabrielle: "It was like my reflection embraced me. I sink into it, I was surrounded by it. And then you pulled me up and I looked into your eyes and Xena, I finally realized, there can only be one person for me in my life, me."
50. Gabrielle: "No, I'm sorry Joxer. If I take off my cloth, I could kill you. Beauty can do that."
51. Gabrielle: "Are you worried we're gonna get there and the fish will be gone? Xena: I'm worried we gonna get there and the fish will be armed."
52. Gabrielle: "It just doesn't have a point of view. You know, it needs more verve, more character, more me. It doesn't sing to me like this."
53. Gabrielle: "That's redicules. Xena, my opinion of myself has not changed one iota since... Oh yeah, looking good."
54. Gabrielle: "Xena, he's acting very strange. I don't think we should be seen in public with him."
55. Gabrielle: "Very funny. Fortunately I have a brilliant sense of humor."
56. Gabrielle: "Xena, wake up..."
57. Gabrielle: "Xena, it's green, it's red, it's on the move. Xena: Something's bothering Argo. Hey! Human suffering here. Xena, my fungus is spreading like wildfire."
58. Gabrielle: "Whatever. I'll catch the rabbit. Xena: Go ahead. No skin off my back. Hardy har har."
59. Gabrielle: "You're such a cute little rabbit."
60. Gabrielle: "Next time, find your own bush. Joxer: Girls, please, there's bushes enough for everyone."
61. Gabrielle: "God this stuff stinks. What is this, sheep dung? Joxer: Goat poop."
62. Gabrielle: "You can trust me now."
    63. Gabrielle: "Joxer: Gabrielle... Gabrielle. Wait up. Wait up. Look, let me help you. Gabrielle: Oh, I can handle a sack of apples. Joxer: I know you can. I know you can, but why should you? Gabrielle: Joxer, thank you... Joxer: Gabrielle, look... with me around to handle the smaller and more indespensable aspects of life, that leaves you to handle the larger and more important ones. Gabrielle: No, I can handle my own apples. Joxer: Gabrielle, let me help you. You might like it. Gabrielle: I don't think so. Joxer: Give me. I want to help you. Gabrielle: Joxer, get your hands off my apples! Joxer: Perfect example."
    64. Gabrielle: "Joxer: Gabrielle... let me help you. You might like it. Gabrielle: I don't think so."
    65. Gabrielle: "Troubled is a polite word for what I am."
    66. Gabrielle: "Have you lost your mind?"
    67. Gabrielle: "Gabrielle: Would you be quiet? I'm trying to concentrate."