Official Xena Convention 2007 in Chicago

"LUCY & RENEE & FRIENDS in CHICAGO for The First Time"

October 6 - 7, 2007

Review by KT (

Con 07 Chicago Lucy and Renee and Joe.

The audience welcomed Renee with our usual enthusiasm. When we had settled down, Renee grinned at us and declared, “Karaoke with my friends!”

The grrls launched into a duet of the Beatles tune, “We Can Work It Out”. Lucy sang the first verse and then-Renee sang the second. (I can’t remember if they announced she’d be singing along with Luce before she started singing or not.)

When Renee was singing, Lucy looked out at us and grinned, with a look on her face just like a proud momma at a school play. Like, “Looka my kid-ain’t she doing GREAT!?” It was so cute. Then Luce of course had to start goofing around and “act” out the person talking in the song. And then she began to play with the lyrics, at one point transforming the line into something like, “Because I’m always right!”

Renee did a credible job-she’s come a long way too from the way she sang at the Pasadena Con in 2001. There was only one stanza where she got a little breathless and kind of slipped out of singing and was sort of hearing herself and freaking herself out a bit. She giggled out a few of the words at that point. But most of the song, she was on-key and did fine.

Lucy was running back and forth between Joe and Renee. The three of them sang the chorus, the “We can work it out part”, so Lucy would run over with her mike so he could do a vocal with them. Lucy and Renee separately sang the “details” and Luce would run back over to stand next to Renee to sing the story with her. Grrl’s got SO much energy. . .

And then Lucy amended the final line from “We can work it out” to “’Cause you wiped my ass’”. Goof.