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 Erscheinungsdatum Publikationen Kurzbeschreibung / Titel
 October 2009 The Torch Online The Changing Role of a Sidekick
 August 2008 SciFi.com O´Connor Boards Web ARK
 August 2008 AfterEllen.com Renee O´Connor saves the world (again)
 July 2008 Next Magazine (New Zealand) Home Free
 April 2008 SFX Magazine #169 The TV Show That Shaped a Generation
 April 2008 SFX Magazine After Life - The Stars of SciFi Past, in the now
 03-27-2008 Backstage.com Taking Time Out
 03-19-2008 MediaBlvd Magazine Renee O´Connor - Woman of Many Talents
 March 2008 Colonel´s Crypt More than a trusty Sidekick
 02-22-08 AfterEllen.com From Sidekick to Soldier
 02-06-08 The Star Scoop Renee O´Connor - The Return
 01-15-08 MovieWeb Exclusive interview with Renee O´Connor
 01-04-08 Slice of SciFi Interview with Renee O´Connor
 05-05-07 AfterEllen.com Renee O´Connor loves us
 04-22-07 AfterEllen.com Video Interview with Renee
 04-04-07 Lesbianation Report about the Dinah Shore Event with Renee
 March 2007 Non Sport Magazine Let´s Relate Danerously
 25 December 2006 People Magazine Little Blossoms
 10-14-06 Mountaineer (Waynesville, NC, US) Do you have the Ghost Town look?
 10-04-06 Mountaineer (Waynesville, NC, US) Maggie residents fund Ghost Town movie.
 10-04-06 Mountaineer (Waynesville, NC, US) Ghost Town movie creates a stir.


Woman‘s Day (New Zealand)

Coverage of the „XENA“ Con


New Idea (New Zealand)

Lucy and Renee at the „XENA“ Convention 2005


The Park Record



The Park Record



Mercury News



Tucson Citizen Nespaper

Female Superheroes

 December 2004

Sci Fi Magazine

Top 10 Fantasy TV Series and Top 10 Fantasy Women


Scifihobby Newsletter

Art and Images of Xena Cards

 September 2004

Non Spot Magazine

Xena Trading Cards

 August 2004

Girlfriends Magazine

Lucy and Renee about life after „XENA“


Orlando City Beat

Season 4 DVD

 23-29 February 04

Seriel Magazine (Russian)

Beautiful Gabrielle and Xena Images


Dreamwatch # 119

Interview with ROC

 December 2003

Non Sport Update

The Quotable Xena Trading Cards

 May 2003

Now Magazine

Lots of Subtext in Season One

 April 2003

French Magazine „Lesbia“

The relationship between Xena and Gabrielle

 August 2001

TV Zone # 142

Lucy and ROC discuss the Warriors Fate


Salon Magazine

From A to Xena


The Hollywood Reporter

Farewell Xena Issue

 2001 New Idea (New Zealand) Xena, bye


Her & Nu Danish TV Magazine

Challenging Gabrielle


US TV Guide

ROC in US TV Guide + some pictures

 May 2000

FHM Magazine (Australia)

100 sexiest woman in the world 2000


Quad City Times

Interview with Lucy and Renee


New York Times

Interview with ROC


San Antonia Express News

Interview with ROC

 January 2000

The Hollywood Reporter

Celebrating 100 Episodes of „XENA“

 December 1999

The official Xena Magazine # 2

„Hot Gossip“ interview with Renee O Connor

 December 1999

Xpose Special Year Book

About Renee O Connor

 November 1999

The official Xena Magazine (Titan)

First issue - advert for tue magazine plus cover

 November 1999

The official Xena Magazine

Interview with Renee

 November 1999

The official Xena Magazine

Angel Gabrielle

 November 1999

FHM Magazine

Renee O Connor: The little Princess from US

 November 1999

FHM Magazine

Renee O Connor interview and scans

 November 1999

8 Days Magazine (Singapore)

Hex Symbol


Austin American Statesman

About living in New Zealand (by Renee)

 October 1999

Starlog # 268

Renee about „XENA“ and the characters

 September 1999

FHM Magazine

Renee as you have never seen her before!


Ultimate TV Celebrity Files


 August 1999

Emmy Magazine

Strong Suit

 July 1999

TV & Satellite Week

Other actors who have starred on Hercules

 July 1999

SciFi TV Magazine

Absolute Gabrielle

 May 1999

Ultimate TV Online May


 April 1999

MakeUp Artist Magazine # 18

New Zealands Xenia - The makeup for the show

 April 1999

SFX Magazine

Photo of ROC as one of the sexiest woman in SF


Sunday News (New Zealand)

Xena upsets Hindu World


The Sunday Telegraph

Coverage of Lucy and Renee at Gay Mardi Gras

 February 1999

The Daily Telegraph

Lucy and Renee at Sydney Gay Mardi Gras

 January 1999

Cult Times # 40

Gabrielle‘s Hopes


Fresh Magazine


 9-14 November 98

TV Week (Australia)

Scan of Renee as Gabrielle and brief article


Hitkrant # 45

Xena and Gabrielle: Supergirls

 November 1998

Seventeen Magazine

Article on ROC‘s fitness workout


New Zealand Herald

Sidekick Transformed

 October 1998

The AUS Rolling Stone part two

Across the Xenaverse

 October 1998

The AUS Rolling Stone Magazine

Xena‘s Lucy Lawless Dark Angel


Who Weekly

Renee O Connor article


This Week



Houston Chronicle TV Guide


 August 1998

Curve Magazine

Of Mythic Proportions

 August 1998

Cult Times

Gabrielle: Bard Attitude


Newsday (Long Island NY)

Going Kiwi: Xena‘s Renee  is home on the range in NZ


National Enquirer

TV‘s first gay superhero! Xena and Gabrielle


TV Guide Online



New Zealand Herald

Gabrielle talks about life beyond the forest


New Weekly Magazine

Leaner and Meaner on Xena


The Evening Post NZ

A Princess‘s best friend


Los Angeles Times

Renee about „XENA“ and her time after work


Minneapolis Star Tribune

Xena‘s friend Gabrielle surprises Renee O Connor


KTLA morning show

Renee talks about Lucy‘s wedding and the show

 Date n/a

WB17 News

Renee O Connor talks about „XENA“


Article edited bei Renee O Connor

Renee‘s trip up mt Kilimanjaro


Regis and Kathie Lee Show

Funny Interview with Renee O Connor


The Spur Newspaper MG



The Advertiser


 November 1997

Lesbiana November Issue

Article about Renee O Connor


Singapore The New Paper

Renee talks about Xena and her friendship with Lucy


AP Newswire

Xena Sidekick has fans of her own


AAHS World Radio

Renee O Connor about Gabrielle


Regis and Kathie Lee Show

Renee O Connor Interview

 October 1997

WB17 Television Interview (WPHL)

Renee O Connor about all the hype of tue show

 October 1997

Texas Monthly October

The Success of „XENA“ (Preview)


Renee O Connor Online Chat

Renee chats with fans


Austin American Statesman


 September 1997

Houston Press Volume 9

 September 1997 SciFi Universe Renee O´Connor - Sidekick

 August 1997

Riot Magazine

Hercules and Xena: The battle for mount Olympus


People Magazine

As feisty Gabrielle Renee O Connor heats up Xena


Curv this week



FOX News 26 Interview

Andrea Watkins about Renee O Connor


KYSM Mankato

Renee Talks about „XENA“ and her life in New Zealand


KSAN Radio San Francisco

Renee Talks about „XENA“


Renee O‘Connor Chat

Renee O Connor AOL Live Chat

 March 1997

Starlog # 236

Gabrielle - The Warrior Sidekick


Starburst Magazine # 228

Renee O Connor Article


TV Guide (New Zealand)